Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 14/09/2017

  • As consumers become more financially aware, there is now a realization that they need to plan for their finances.
  • PTSB willing to write off outstanding debt for landlords that sell their property.

Listen below to David McCarthy discuss the above:

Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 31/08/2017

David discusses the following issues:

  • New housing co-op could be major lifeline for struggling mortgage holders.
  • The issues with signing over an investment property to offspring.
  • Finally, Government looks likely to jail insurance fraudsters for perjury.

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Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 10/08/2017

David discusses the following topics:

  • How to stop your bank contacting you in relation to offering various products they have.
  • Brexit.
  • Investing in property abroad.
  • Drawing down your pension policy.
  • Saving for your children’s education.

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Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 27/07/2017

This morning David discusses the regulations relating to Motor and House Insurance.

He also discusses Vulture Funds and the reasons he feels that they should be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 20/07/2017

David answers the following questions from GBFM listeners:

  • I have monies invested in An Post averaging 0.75% p.a. return. I thought An Post paid far more attractive returns than a bank. Can you advise me?
  • With a booming property market do you think it’s worthwhile buying a 2nd house as an investment?
  • I recently had a problem with getting credit and discovered that the lender I had applied to turned me down because of a bad credit rating of somebody with a similar name.  Is this a common occurrence?

Listen below for his answers and opinion:

Podcast – Galway Bay FM, 29/06/2017

  • New Digital Bank (Starling) to offer current accounts in Ireland in 2018.
  • Help to Buy Scheme
  • The options available when offered a redundancy package.

Listen below for more details: